Today's brew is attempt one at a signature pale ale. 

Palaver - "A meeting.  A brainstorming, or counseling session," referencing "The Dark Tower" series by Stephen King. This works out well as a couple of friends came out to witness the home brewing process. Brew days are great for social gatherings despite the work and constant attention to the brewing process. 


Palaver pale is 75% base malt with some crystal 60 for color and flaked wheat for body. Unlike our IPA, we went with a 2 step medium body mash instead of a light body mash to find an even balance of malt and hops.


Mash temperatures and sparge went very well. We nailed the pre boil gravity of 1.050 and over heard many comments about the amazing smell of the grains.


For hops, this batch gets Columbus for bittering and cascades for flavor, aroma and dry hops. Hop amounts are subject to change pending a taste test of the finished beer in about 6 weeks.


In the end, we finished with very good original gravity of 1.049 just barely below the estimate of 1.052. Yet another successful brew day which is not complete without popping the tops off some finished home brew to share.

AuthorKyle Wells